A Guide on How to Select the Right Tent for Your Event

If you’re looking for multi-purpose tents, a lot of outdoor tent rental companies provide a large selection of tents in different types and sizes to suit a multitude of events. But, it can become a challenge if you’re not sure what to look for in a tent when making your decision. Don’t worry; this article will guide you in getting the right kind of tent.


The Size of the Tent
How much space are you looking at? The size of the tent will depend on the type of activities to be done and the number of people you plan to accommodate in the tent. For example; is the tent for a small birthday bash or is it for a grand reception? The size of the tent is also important because you’d also have to accommodate essential items like the bar, live stations, air-conditioning, seating, staging, and other miscellaneous logistics. So, before you consider renting a tent, keep this factor in mind.


Weather-Suitable Tents
Secondly, do consider if the tent is suitable for the current weather, as Singapore’s weather is quite unpredictive. If the event will be taking place in the mid day or during summer times, it is important to get an air-conditioned tent or an open tent with proper ventilation. Otherwise, for monsoon seasons, a tent with thermal insulated roof or enclosed wall system will be great for keeping heavy rain or strong winds at bay. Also, a professional tent rental company will be able to provide sound advice regarding all weather concerns.


Material of Tent Walls and Roof
Most of the roof and walls of the tent comes in white opaque canvas and is usually heat-resistance. But if the venue has magnificent views, one also has the option to fabricate transparent roof and glass walls to enhance the aesthetics experience of event guests. Be it see-through or opaque, hard or soft walls, be spoilt for choice when it comes to material of the tent walls.

Features of the Tent

This factor is important as an event held in a tent would need a few features to be appealing. For example, a foyer at the tent entrance would create a more formal atmosphere, an outdoor alfresco area for a more relaxing zone, or simply retractable piece of opaque canvas for the back of house for privacy as and when required. Also, having marquees to complement the main tent would create great places for photography. When deciding on a tent, be sure to see if there’s additional features that would make your event more meaningful and practical.


Now that you have considered the things and tips mentioned above, do not forget to check the reviews of the tent before you plan to buy them. Checking the reviews will give you a brief idea about what and where you are investing your money on. Look out for the majority of the reviews. So be on the safe side and check all the different reviews.

Make sure the supplier is trustworthy and embodies professionalism as it is essential too. These things are important because at the end of the day, choosing a safe and aesthetically-functional outdoor tent for rental is crucial for the event and its guests.