Rectangular Table

Classic and Neat

Size: 2ft x 4ft
Height: 78cm

Skirting Available in: Ivory, Blue, Maroon


Looking for versatile table rentals in Singapore? Our Rectangular Tables are a timeless choice. With their classic 2ft x 4ft size and a height of 78cm, they provide ample space for your event needs. You can also add an elegant touch with our skirting options available in Ivory, Blue, and Maroon. Whether it’s a carnival booth or a maker’s market, these tables are a perfect fit for any lifestyle event.


Square Table

Refined and Demure

Size: 3ft x 3ft
Height: 78cm

Skirting Available in: Ivory, Blue, Maroon


At Nanyang Inc., we offer Square Tables that exude refinement and demure elegance. Measuring 3ft x 3ft, these modular tables make flexible long table seating for wedding banquet of any size. Customise them with skirting available in Ivory, Blue, Maroon or your favourite table cloth to match your theme. When you need table rentals in Singapore that combine style and functionality, our Square Tables are the ideal solution.


Cocktail Table

Royal and Gallant

Diameter: 72cm
Height: 113cm

Available in: Ivory, Black
Options: Gold Tassel, Ivory Ribbon, Black Ribbon



For those seeking cocktail tables for rent in Singapore, our Cocktail Tables are the epitome of royal elegance. With a generous diameter of 72 cm and an optimum height of 113cm, these tables create a regal atmosphere for pre-event activities. Choose from Ivory or Black finishes and further enhance the look with options like Gold Tassel, Ivory Ribbon, or Black Ribbon. Elevate your event with gallant cocktail table rentals.


Garden Table

Homely and Natural

Size: 50cm x 217cm
Height: 75cm

Matching Garden Benches are available for rent too!

Create a homely and natural ambience at your event with our Garden Tables. Measuring 50cm x 217 cm and standing at a height of 75cm, these tables offer a rustic charm that complements outdoor gatherings. Don’t forget to explore our matching Garden Benches for rent to complete the cosy Alfresco setting. For those considering long-term rentals, reach out to us at for more information.


Bistro Table

Modern and Chill

Diameter: 2ft wide
Height: 69cm


If you’re aiming for a modern and relaxed vibe, our Bistro Tables are a perfect choice. With a 2-foot-wide diameter and a height of 69 cm, these tables provide a comfortable setting for your guests. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a contemporary event, these tables add a touch of style and comfort to any occasion.


Round Table

Formal and Prim

Height: 78cm
Available in: 4ft (sits 8 pax), 5ft (sits 10 pax), 6ft (sits 12 pax)

Optional Add-on: White table cloth, Ivory Overlay


Our Round Tables are the answer for formal events that demand a prim and organised setting. Available in various sizes, including 4ft (sits eight pax), 5ft (sits ten pax), and 6ft (sits 12 pax), these tables accommodate different guest lists. You can also enhance their elegance with optional add-ons like White table cloths and Ivory Overlays. Trust us for your table rentals in Singapore to make your event memorable and sophisticated.