Frequently Asked Questions

A. Technical

I don’t know what tent size should I use for my event.

There are many factors to take into consideration – space available at the venue, nature of the event, number of guest expected, activities to be done. Kindly let our team know and we will be glad to calculate for you.

Is the tent size flexible?

Our aluminium tents comes in a variety of width (from 3m to 40m), while length comes in standard units of 5m (except for Hexagon, Octagon, Dodecagon and Walkway Tents). Kindly check with our sales representatives for customised tent sizes.

What does clear span means?

It means that the tent’s vertical uprights/supports run along the outer perimeter of the structure, allowing it to have an unobstructured interior.

Is PE endorsement included?

No, it is not included. But it can be added into the package upon request.

B. Enquiry/Order

How long does it take to complete a setup?

The amount of time needed for a setup varies for each project and is subjected to tent size, loading/unloading access, weather, venue‐specific requests, unforeseen traffic conditions. For a more accurate estimation, kindly check with the respective sales personnels and we will be glad to advise accordingly.

What information do I need to provide when sending enquiry/ Is there a price list online?

Our tents are fully customisable, hence the quotation varies according to individual event requirements. We would appreciate if the enquiries are completed with the following details:

Email, Mobile Number, Number of Guests Expected, Date/Duration of Event, Venue, Tentage Requirements.

Optional requirements: Lightings, Cooling System, AV System, Flooring.

Am I able to make advance reservation for tents?

We operate on first come first serve basis, and would strongly advise clients to confirm their orders early to avoid disappointment. While every effort will be made to accommodate to requests, all logistics are subjected to availability, and reservation of logistics will only take effect upon receiving of 50% deposit.

Can I rent for event more than 1 day?

Yes, please feel up the enquiry form at the Contact Us page or drop us an email at sales@nanyanginc.com with the necessary event details.

Is site visit necessary?

In the initial stage, we would recommend clients to send us photos, event layout, or venue floorplan for our team’s reference. Afterwhich, the assigned project manager will arrange for a site visit with the relevant personnels for a more detailed understanding of the venue, if the need arises.

Do I have to book the venue? How long should I book?

Yes, the venue has to be booked by the event organiser. The venue booking duration varies per event as work complexicity and time taken to set up and dismantle will be taken into considerations. We encourage event organisers to check with our team before booking the venue, in case of uncertainty.

Do you do long‐term or overseas rental?

Yes, we welcome enquiries for long duration and overseas rental. Kindly send us your details and we would love to work out a favourable proposal.

How long is the response time for enquiries?

At times, our project managers might be out of office for site visits or overseeing of setups, hence kindly allow us to get back within 2‐3 business days. In the event that you have not hear a response after 3 business days, kindly drop us an email or give us a ring.

Can I still make changes to confirmed orders?

We strongly advise clients to double check their event details upon confirmation, and any discrepancies are to be highlighted immediately. Any last minute changes or requests are subjected to the availability of logistics and manpower.

C. Setup/Transportation

Why order from our eShop?

Our eShop is to cater to one‐day rental of logistics (tables/chairs/benches only). Items available on our eShop are at discounted rates, in an attempt to facilitate our resources productively in times of high email volume. *update: our eShop is unavailable right now*

Can the setup be done at a fixed timing?

Our team is unable to commit a fix timing as our operation team’s schedule is usually lined up with various setups at different locations across the island. We would require about 2 hour of buffer time, just in case of delay from the previous location, traffic conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Do you provide decoration services?

We do have ambience‐enhancing elements such as chandeliers, festoon lights, fairy lights, and ivy leaves available, however, installation of decorative elements have to be done on our tent structures to avoid unneccessary damages to third party properties.

Can I opt for self‐collection of logistics?

Yes, self‐collection of logistics (table and chairs) at our warehouse (ext link to Contact Us) is welcomed! Please note that a refundable cash deposit of $150 will be collected upon self‐collection, and it will be refunded upon return of logistics.

D. Payment

Is GST applicable?

Yes, we are a GST-registered company and GST will apply to all rentals and sales transactions.

What are the payment methods available?

We accept Bank Transfer, PayNow, Cash and Cheque.

How may I reserve the stocks?

We kindly remind you that written and/or verbal confirmation of quotations and proposals do not ensure the availability of stocks.

To reserve tentages, furniture, equipment, and other items, we require the following:

  1. A signed rental contract.
  2. A 50% non-refundable Commitment Fee (digital or electronic transfer) upon confirmation. Please note that full rental charges will apply for any cancellations made less than 10 days before the event.

The Final Payment (remaining 50% of the total price) must be settled and received by Nanyang Inc no later than 3 calendar days before the initial setup date, by 6:00 pm.

If the Confirmation Date is 10 days or less from the initial setup date, Full Payment is required and must be received by us no later than 3 calendar days before the initial setup date, by 6:00 pm.

Why are there surcharges?

There is usually two different surcharges – Overtime Surcharge and Transportation Surcharge.

Overtime Surcharge: Our daily operating hours is 9am to 5pm, hence there will be an additional overtime surcharge if we are required to setup or dismantle out of operating hours. Surcharge usually cost $350/trip but varies accordingly to the duration of overtime and complexity of work.

Note: We would usually advise clients to give us the flexibility to setup one day before the event and tear down one day after the event to avoid overtime surcharge.

Transportation Surcharge: There will be a two‐way transportation surcharge of $250 for orders below $300, while, two‐way transportation to restricted and off‐shore location including Sentosa, Tuas, and Jurong Island will be charged at $350. Subsequent trips will be charged accordingly as well

How does the surcharges work?

Scenario #1: Order of $60, both Setup & Dismantle within 9am to 5pm

Surcharge: Standard Transportation of $250

Scenario #2: Order of $290, Setup within 9am to 5pm, Dismantle between 5pm to 9pm

Surcharge: Standard Transportation of $250 + Dismantle OT Surcharge of $350

Scenario #3: Order of $180, both Setup & Dismantle between 5pm to 9pm

Surcharge: Standard Transportation of $250 + Setup & Dismantle OT Surcharge of $700

Scenario #4: Order of $250, Setup between 5pm to 9pm, Dismantle within 9am to 5pm

Surcharge: Setup OT Surcharge of $350

Scenario #5: Order of $750, both Setup & Dismantle between 5pm to 9pm

Surcharge: Setup & Dismantle Surcharge of $700