Aluminium Tents Singapore – Backed by Precision & Technology


At Nanyang Inc, we believe in making safety our main priority and the heart of our entire business in Singapore. We have firm intent to prevent any incidents involving falling objects and/or equipment that may result in injuries or fatalities. Other than being a industry pioneer with over 53 years of experiences, we are honoured to be awarded the position of bizSAFE partner by the Ministry of Manpower.

As part of our practices to ensure that safety is never compromised, our operation team undergo a strict training process which equips them with the necessary safety-related knowledge. With a team that is well-versed in the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, we are confident in our ability to ensure everyone’s safety.

During the design process, external factors such as Singapore’s weather conditions are taken into account, allowing tents to stay secured and sturdy during a thunderstorm. One of the benefits of using aluminium technology tents is the high accuracy and precision, thus reducing the chances of human error from the planning to the execution stage. Building to the highest standard of CNC technology, the end-product is an ideal combination of aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

With our commitment, you will not have to worry about safety.

BizSafe Level 4

Safety-Conscientious Team

High Precision Engineering

Efficiency & Productivity

One of our safety measures includes using advanced German-made technology to design and build our aluminium tents. By designing every tentage order with Computer Aided Design and building them to the highest standard of CNC technology, we can create safe and engineered aluminium structures for every valued clients and their events.


Structures are clear-span, able to withstand a windload of 80km/hr to 102km/hr (depending on profile size), which can be sustained for long haul.


Tent roof is installed using cradle system, which prevents water ponding or water leakage. Installation process is automated to reduced risks of working at heights.


Structures are endorsed by Professional Engineer, while building methodology is approved by WSHC and Safety Officer.


Top PVC canvas is opaque, heat resistance, and fire-retardant. The canvas is multi-layer coated, allowing activities to be carried out comfortably under it.


Tent structures have alternatives to install enhancement such as glass wall, ABS wall, sliding doors and aircon.


Tents are modular at 5m per bay, hence length can be expanded accordingly.