Chairs & Benches

Chair Rental Singapore – For Various Outdoors Functions

For outdoor events in general, chairs are just as essential as the tentages, especially for F&B or seminar related functions. One of the basic needs of events in Singapore, is to ensure that there are ample seats available for every guests. At Nanyang Inc, we offer tables and chairs rental services for outdoor functions in Singapore.

The way how event logistics and decoration were set up, usually reflects the attentiveness of the event planner, which affects the overall experience of the participants. With these extensive range of tables and chairs rental service, the possible combinations you can create are endless and sure to fulfill individual needs.


Chic and Dainty

Size: 42cm x 42cm
Height: 91cm

Available in: Gold
Cushion Colour: White and Maroon





Elegant and comfortable

Size: 42cm x 58cm
Height: 88cm

Available in: Blue

Size: 48cm x 44cm
Height: 93cm

Available in: Brown

Optional Add-on: White Spandex Cover, Black Spandex Cover




PVC Chair

Durable And Affordable

Size: 50cm x 50cm
Height: 79cm

Available in: White
Optional Add-on: White Seat Cover


White PVC Chairs    White PVC Chair with seat cover


Garden Bench

Vintage and Pleasant

Size: 25cm x 217cm
Height: 45cm

matching Garden Tables are available for rent too!


Wish to keep these elegant garden benches for a longer period? Simply drop us an email at to find out more about long-term rentals.


From a simple garden bench that is perfect for a garden-themed wedding, to the Silver Tiffany Chair for a more formal occasion, we have a wide selection of chair rentals for each event. Can’t decide on the types of chairs for your function? Our team will be glad to advise and suggest with regards to tables and chair rental services in Singapore.