Chairs & Garden Benches

Chair Rental Singapore – For Various Outdoors Functions

When it comes to outdoor events in Singapore, chair rental is just as essential as tentage, especially for F&B or seminar-related functions. Ensuring ample seating for all your guests is a fundamental requirement for any event. At Nanyang Inc, we offer comprehensive tables and chair rental in Singapore for every outdoor function. Our range of options includes Chameleon chairs, Tiffany chairs, PVC chairs and Garden Benches.

The way event logistics and decorations are set up often reflects the attentiveness of the event planner, which, in turn, affects the overall participants’ experience. With our extensive range of table and chair rental services, you have endless possibilities to create the perfect seating arrangements to meet individual needs.


Chic and Dainty

Size: 42cm x 42cm
Height: 91cm

Available in: Gold
Cushion Colour: White and Maroon

From a simple garden bench – perfect for a garden-themed wedding – to a Golden Tiffany Chair rental for a more formal occasion, we have a wide selection of table and chair rentals for each event. Can’t decide on the types of chairs for your function? Our team will gladly advise and suggest table and chair rental services and prices in Singapore.



Classy and Comfortable

Size: 42cm x 58cm
Height: 88cm

Available in: Blue

Size: 48cm x 44cm
Height: 93cm

Available in: Brown

Optional Add-on: White Spandex Cover, Black Spandex Cover, Golden Seat Cover

Our cushion chairs are the epitome of elegance and comfort. These chairs come in two sizes to suit different styles and are available in beautiful shades of blue and brown. We offer optional add-ons such as White Lycra Cover and Black Lycra Cover to enhance their visual appeal and comfort level. These chairs are ideal for events where style and comfort are paramount; whether planning a corporate seminar or a formal dinner, cushion chair rental in Singapore is a perfect choice.


PVC Chair

Durable And Affordable

Size: 50cm x 50cm
Height: 79cm

Available in: White
Optional Add-on: White Seat Cover


The PVC chairs we offer are not only durable but also budget-friendly. These chairs are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor events while providing comfortable seating for your guests. Available in a clean white finish, they can be further customised with optional White Seat Covers. These chairs are a practical, cost-effective solution for events where durability and affordability are top priorities. Whether you’re organising a casual gathering or a large-scale outdoor festival, our PVC chairs offer reliability and value for your chair rental prices.



Vintage And Pleasant

Size: 25cm x 217cm
Height: 45cm

We offer matching Garden Tables that are available for rent, too!

Do you wish to keep these elegant garden benches for a longer period? Simply drop us an email at to find out more about long-term rentals.

Our Garden Benches exude a vintage charm that adds a touch of nostalgia to any outdoor event. Measuring 25cm x 217 cm and standing at 45 cm in height, these benches are not just seats but statements. They pair perfectly with matching Garden Tables, creating a picturesque setting for garden-themed weddings and alfresco dinings. We offer long-term garden bench rentals for those who want to enjoy the pleasant ambience these benches bring to their spaces.



Elegant and Royal

Size: 44cm x 43cm
Height: 92cm

Available in: Gold
Cushion Colour: White

The Chameleon Chair embodies versatility and style, making it a popular choice for a wide range of events. With its sleek design, this chair seamlessly blends into any event theme or decor. Whether you’re planning a chic wedding, a corporate gala, or a vibrant outdoor festival, the comfortable design of the Chameleon Chair ensures that your guests not only enjoy the visual appeal but also experience optimal comfort throughout the event. Choose Chameleon Chairs for your next event and elevate the overall atmosphere with their versatile charm.