Cooling system

Aircon Rental Singapore – Control Temperature in Tentage

Everyone calls Singapore a beautiful sunny island; but holding an outdoor event in Singapore also means that temperature control needs to be carefully-managed. By having an air-conditioned tentage, you can ensure that everyone present at the event remains comfortable regardless of the temperature on the outside.

In additional, the overall exterior can be improved by enclosing the tent structure with tinted glass panels while allowing guests to enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery on the outside without the heat. This, is versatility at its best when we transform a simple tent into a grand, air-conditioned glasshouse – definitely an added value to your outdoor event.

Standing Aircon


Dimension of Aircon: 1120mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 1558mm (H)
Dimension of Condenser: 1200mm (L) x 518mm (W)  x 1860mm (H)
Power: 10 Horse Power


Air Cooler


Dimension: 107cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 178cm (H)
Air flow: 7000m3/hr
Water Consumption: 5-10L/hr


Three-blade Fan


Width: 60 inch
Available in: White
Compact size condenser with controlled regulator


Ceiling Fan


Width: 16 inch
Available in: White


Industrial Standing Fan


Height: 22 inch
Available in: Grey


As we face more extreme weather conditions in Singapore, a structure is not fully furnished without aircon services. Find out how to enhance your outdoor event with our aircon tentage rental services, simply by dropping us an enquiry.