Tentages & Marquees

When it comes to outdoor events, having the right shelter is essential. From dome tents, octagon tents to slope tents, Nanyang Inc offers a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.

NYI DisinfecTENT

Keeping Everyone Safe and Clean

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI DisinfecTENT3m3m2.6m3.0m

NYI DisinfecTENT requires a minimum space of 3m x 3m and uses Disinfectant Solutions which are widely used in Aquaculture, F&B Production, Personal Care Products, Medical Applications and Water Treatment. It has a concentration of 20ppm, and can use up to 4500 cycles for every 100 Litre.

  • Odourless
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Non-irritation to the Skin
  • Alcohol-free & Water-based
  • Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria and Viruses


Multi-Storey Series

Built for Aptitude and Splendor

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave Height
(First Storey)
Ridge Height
(Highest Point)
NYI MSS 1010m5m4m9 ~ 9.5m
NYI MSS 1515m5m4m9.8 ~ 10.4m

*Ridge height of MSS Tents depends on the type of tent used for the upper deck.


Double Storey Tentage – Tent Rentals in Singapore

Providing double storey tent rental in Singapore allows the community to enjoy unique benefits that cannot be found with other types of tents. Multi-storey tents are perfect choices for outdoor events that are expecting a sizable crowd but has limited venue spaces. A double storey tentage will allow the guests to have an unobstructed view of their surroundings such as a scenic view of the blue sky on a beautiful day or the twinkling stars at night, ensuring that they can fully enjoy the event.

Our double storey tentages in Singapore are designed to be versatile for a multitude of event types. In addition, the extensive space allows event planner to designate specific zones within the tent for specific purposes. Before engaging us for double-storey tent rental, our team can offer professional advice on the type of tentage that is most suitable for you.

Contact us today if you wish to learn more about double storey tent rental service in Singapore! Find out more about the other related products available for rent, and our dedicated team will be glad to answer any queries.

A-shape Technology Tents

Grand-looking with Prestige

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent6m5m4m5.1m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent10m5m4m5.4m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent12m5m4m5.9m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent15m5m4m6.4m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent18m5m4m6.7m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent20m5m4m7.2m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent25m5m4m7.2m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent30m5m4m8.8m
NYI A-Shape Technology Tent40m5m4m10.5m

Step into a world of unparalleled sophistication with our A-Shape Technology Tents. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these tents redefine elegance, ensuring your event stands out in a league of its own. Whether it’s a high-profile corporate conference, a company launch, or a product showcase, our A-Shape Technology Tents provide the ideal outdoor setting. The sleek lines and spacious interior allow for limitless customisation, enabling you to create a bespoke atmosphere that mirrors your vision. Elevate your event to the extraordinary and let our A-Shape Technology Tents be the canvas for your dreams.


Dome-shape Technology Tent

Fully Armoured with Grandeur

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent5m5m4m4.7m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent7m5m4m5.1m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent8m5m4m4.7m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent10m5m4m4.9m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent12m5m4m5.2m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent15m5m4m5.8m
NYI Dome Shape Technology Tent20m5m4m6.5m

Imagine an outdoor setting where sophistication meets space; our Dome-Shape Technology Tent is your gateway to a mesmerising event experience. With its graceful design and sturdy build, this large dome tentage transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary affairs. Be it a wedding, corporate rendezvous, or any special occasion, our Dome-Shape Technology Tents blend grandeur with practicality, creating a setting that lingers in memory. Select from an array of sizes tailored to your event’s needs, and let this all-purpose tent option leave an indelible mark on your guests.

Contact us today if you wish to learn more about rental services for large dome tentages in Singapore.


Mongolia Marquee

Simplicity with a Touch of Class

Aluminium TentWidthLengthEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Mongolia Marquee10ft10ft9ft11.8ft
NYI Mongolia Marquee13ft13ft9ft12.4ft
NYI Mongolia Marquee15ft15ft9ft13.5ft
NYI Mongolia Marquee20ft20ft9ft13.1ft

Note: Height extension of 1 feet and 2 feet is available.

Discover the true meaning of sophistication with our Mongolia Marquee. Designed for those who appreciate simplicity tinged with class, these marquees redefine elegance. Whether it’s a garden soiree, a community funfair, or a wedding reception, our marquee tent options offer more than just space; they provide an ambience of unmatched charm. Trust in the versatility and style of our Mongolia Marquees to elevate your next gathering to a new level of refinement.


Hexagon Marquee

Dress in Style & Elegance

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Hexagon Marquee5m (Radius)10m (Diameter)9ft15ft

Note: Height extension of 1 feet and 2 feet is available.

Craft the perfect ambience with our Hexagon Marquee. Exuding style and elegance, this marquee combines form and function seamlessly. Shaped like a castle, the ridge height soars to 15 feet, providing a lofty atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Simply decorate it with fairy lights and you will be all ready to conquer every audience’s heart.


Octagon Tent

Sturdy with a Playful Twist

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Octagon Technology Tent15m / 20m5.74m / 7.65m4.02m6.45m / 7.22m

Immerse your guests in an atmosphere of whimsy with our Octagon Tent. Its sturdy construction ensures both safety and comfort, while the unique octagonal shape adds a delightful twist to your event. Ranging from 15m to 20m in width, these tents provide ample space for various event setups. Whether it’s a lively celebration, a product launch, or a corporate gala, our Octagon Tents offer the perfect blend of durability and style. Experience the joy of hosting in a space that exudes charm and character, making your event an unmitigated success.


Dodecagon Tent

A Majestically Classy Suit Up

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Dodecagon Technology Tent30m7.8m4m8.7m
NYI Dodecagon Technology Tent30m7.8m10m15m

Timeless beauty and modern functionality are the key when it comes to our Dodecagon Tent. This magnificent structure boasts twelve sides, each contributing to a sense of grace and symmetry. It’s towering height is ideal for sport competitions, performances, or exhibitions. The spacious interior allows for uninhibited event planning, ensuring your guests experience the epitome of luxury. Revel in the grandeur of a bygone era while enjoying the convenience of cutting-edge technology – let your event be remembered as a masterpiece of elegance!


Single Slope Technology Tent

Compact with Substance & Robust

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Single Slope Technology Tent3m5m2.6m3.6m
NYI Single Slope Technology Tent5m5m2.6m4.7m
NYI Single Slope Technology Tent6m5m2.6m4.8m

Embrace the essence of compact versatility with our Single Slope Technology Tent. Tailored for adaptability, this tent effortlessly balances form and function, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of lifestyle events.


Half Dome Tent

Competency Meets Convenience

Aluminium TentWidthLengthEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Half Dome Technology Tent5m3m2.99m3.87m

Discover the perfect blend of competence and convenience with our Half Dome Technology Tent. Designed with precision, this tent offers a width of 3 metres and a length of 5 metres, perfect for food stores and retail booths. The eave height stands at 2.99m, creating a cosy ambience, while the ridge height reaches 3.87m, ensuring an unobtrusive, airy atmosphere for food preparation or functional store front.


Walkway Tent

Petite yet Dynamic

Aluminium TentWidthPer BayEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Walkway Technology Tent3m3m2.6m3.0m

In the realm of petite yet dynamic structures, our Walkway Technology Tent takes the spotlight. With a width and per bay measurement of 3 metres, an eave height of 2.6m, and a ridge height of 3.0m, these tents bridge the gap between compactness and functionality. Their petite demeanour belies their all-rounded nature, making them ideal for connecting pathways and temporary pop-up stores.


Folding Canopy

Quick and Easy Set Up

Aluminium TentWidthLengthEave HeightRidge Height
NYI Folding Canopy5ft5ft2m - 2.4m3.2m - 3.6m
NYI Folding Canopy10ft10ft2m - 2.4m3.2m - 3.6m
NYI Folding Canopy10ft15ft2m - 2.4m3.2m - 3.6m
NYI Folding Canopy10ft20ft2m - 2.4m3.2m - 3.6m

Our Folding Canopy series is the exemplar of convenience! Quick to set up yet unyielding in stability, these canopies redefine outdoor shelter. Choose from an array of configurations and effortlessly create sheltered spaces for various events, whether temporary security point or bustling outdoor markets. Our Folding Canopies ensure protection from the outdoor elements without exceeding the budget.