Cost-Saving Tips for Event Rental

There’s a difference between penny-pinching and wanting to shave off a sizable sum off of your event costs, the latter of which you can accomplish without looking too cost-conscious. Below are a couple of cost-saving tips for event rentals that can help you have just as good of an event, but at a much lower cost.


1. Prioritise What You Need VS What You Want
It’s so easy to mix up event needs from event wants, but if you take the time to sit down and separate which from which, you’ll be able to pick out the essentials for your event. A large dome tent is necessary for outdoor events, and so too is finding a good chair rental service in Singapore, but what are other aspects of your event that it can live without? Do you really need as many photographers? Maybe try going with the in-house designers instead for the event space instead of hiring a separate decorator?

By making a list of all the necessary things down to your greatest want, you’ll be able to keep your priorities in focus and start peeling off all of those unnecessary, luxury items that your event can do without.

2. Find Out What Your Vendor Offers

You’d be surprised as to how many people try to organise events without considering what kind of other services their vendors are offering. Better yet, you’d be even more shocked when you find out that you can pretty much source all of your needs from the company that owns the event space you’re renting. Remember, many vendors are constantly evolving, and hotels are notorious for offering more than just the event space. Some even offer the entire package, like for weddings, from the outfit to the event space decorations and even the photographers! The point is, find out what the range of services that your vendor is offering to see if you can source more of your needs from them. The fewer vendors you’re working with, the more time (and money) you’re saving. Just make sure that you do your research first, though.

3. Stay Local
Staying local has a lot of benefits to you, especially from a financial standpoint. For example, if you source your large dome tent from a local supplier, they’ll most likely give you a good discount just for transportation fees alone. Not to mention, it’ll be easier for them to be there, on time for your party, just because they’re already within the same city as you or your event is.

4. Avoid Replacement Costs
Remember, when organising an event, your costs just aren’t up front, you have to worry about paying for anything that was damaged during the process as well. If you can avail of insurance prior to the signing of the contract, that’s great. If not, then make sure that none of the equipment you’re renting out gets damaged during the event. Paying replacement costs can get very expensive if you’re not careful, so you best take this into consideration when thinking of skipping that added insurance premium. No one wants to have a cheap-looking event, but you wouldn’t want to go bankrupt just for footing the bill on an event that you’ll have a hard time affording either.

5. Look for Established Companies with Great Portfolio
Hiring established companies with the capability to do an event that is on a similar or even bigger scale and category as the one you have in mind is advised. This is because established companies have a wealth of experience and are more responsible as they have a brand name and reputation to uphold. The last thing you’d want is a company that over-promised and under-delivered. Be sure to peruse the portfolios and find out the testimonials of the company you’re hiring as those achievements are a good measure of their reliability and expertise.


If you keep in mind these tips, you’re sure to find a compromise between a quality event on an affordable budget.