Disinfection Services Prove Vital In The Time Of COVID-19

As various countries around the world begin to ease up on restrictions after months of lockdown, businesses and services that had previously ground to a halt are now gradually coming back to life. While seeing businesses reopening in phases may seemed to be a good sign, it is hardly the time to let down your guard as a business owner. Instead, it’s even more vital now to take every precaution to protect the people who frequent and make use of your premises—be it visitors, your employees or members of the public.


General public will want assurance of their own safety before they are willing to return, and that is especially the case if your premises have been shut down for a period. With no confirmed vaccines out yet, and no specific medications or treatments, general advice from health organisations including WHO has been to implement stringent hygiene measures. Other than masking up and practicing personal hygiene, this includes proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces as well as objects which people tend to make frequent contact with.


Paying attention to personal hygiene is particularly important, since the virus can be transmitted via contact with contaminated surfaces as well as through tiny water droplets from someone who is infected. People often cough or sneeze into their hands, rub their eyes and touch their mouths or noses while out and about. This can also be a problem, as the coronavirus can readily spread to any object or person that they have close contact with, if an individual happens to be infected. Once transferred to others that come into contact with the same surface or object, it will similarly infect those people when they touch their eyes, noses or mouths.


These strict hygiene measures will need to be put in place in both workplaces and public spaces, including schools, sports complexes or shopping centers. Commonly shared touch points such as door handles, lift buttons, supermarket trolleys or baskets, gym equipment, communal dining areas, as well as stair or hand railings will require more attention and routine cleaning since they increase the odds of cross-contamination. These aforementioned touch points will all need regular cleaning and disinfection with NEA recommended methods to ensure sufficient protection from COVID-19 viruses.


Eliminating COVID-19 on your premises

Whether or not an infected person has visited your premises, cleaning and proper disinfection of common areas and objects is key in protecting people from the coronavirus. Rendering a site safe to use after an infected individual has visited the premises can be challenging. Consider the following questions:


  • How soon will you be able to resume operations?
  • Are your premises completely free of the virus? Are all surfaces and objects within the area safe to the touch (and use)?
  • What hygiene procedure and virus control methods should you be implementing immediately?
  • What action should you take to comply with regulations and safeguard against another instance of this occurring?


Cleaning and disinfection services can help immensely in this aspect, especially when it comes to sanitising common areas in which people tend to congregate at or pass through. As a provider at the forefront of temporary structures and long-term leasing in Singapore, Nanyang Inc has come up with an innovative concept in the fight against COVID-19 spread. Nanyang Inc’s DisinfecTENT helps to decontaminate and cleanse individuals as they enter or exit a premises, ensuring that visitors do not bring any viruses or germs from the outside into the building with them.


How exactly does it work? Visitors just have to walk through the walkway shelter. The NYI DisinfecTENT automatically activates and dispenses a mist of nano disinfectant droplets, from the overhead and two sides upon sensing the movement of people. This method significantly lessens the number of pathogens clinging on surfaces, our bodies and in the air. Once released into the air, the droplets drift downward and settle onto those passing through, lowering one’s likelihood of exposure to harmful viruses and hampering the rate of infection. Furthermore, the product is extremely versatile as it can be utilised both indoors within a building or outdoors at the entrances and exits of establishments, though it is geared more towards the latter. Most importantly, the NYI DisinfecTENT solution has been scientifically proven to be to able kill COVID-19 viruses, according to a recent lab test report from Taiwan.


With just an entrance space of 3 metre by 3 metre, the NYI DisinfecTENT give visitors peace of mind as they enter, as it allows other passerby to see the disinfection process. Equipped with motion sensors that automatically dispense the solution, there is no contact point at all and greatly minimise the risk of virus transmission via handles and common touch points. In order to assure parents and people with sensitive skin, the NYI DisinfecTENT makes use of industrial-grade disinfectant solutions widely used in aquaculture, food and beverage (F&B) production, personal care products in addition to medical applications and water treatment. The DisinfecTENT is also capable of misting up to 4500 cycles for every 100L of disinfectant. Additionally, the water-based solution boasts of a 20ppm concentration that can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

As long as there is a risk of contamination, it is of utmost importance to carry out cleaning and disinfection procedures to ensure the safety of all who frequent and make use of your premises. While there may be pressure to quickly return to normalcy in order to keep the business going, ongoing cleaning regimes and a high standard of hygiene will only help to bolster confidence and trust that customers have in you and your venues.