Top 5 Businesses To Elevate With The Extra Storage

Space can be a huge game-changer if you’re a business owner in any of the industries below. That’s because every square foot counts to keep your large inventory of equipment and supplies organised – here’s how the extra storage can provide that extra boost to your business.


  1. E-commerce businesses

When running an online business, a convenient storage space allows you to organise your stocks, display fixtures and other logistical items. For example, suppose you’re an online retail store owner with batches of clothes shipped in regularly – it won’t be long before you’re scrambling for storage in your home! And when you’re busy stocking up a new line of clothes or preparing for a sale, the last thing you’d want to worry about is navigating a tall pile of clothing.


  1. Construction companies

Whether it’s lumber, concrete mix or other supplies, a spacious warehouse is what you need as a contractor. On top of that, when you’re busy juggling different projects, it’s best to keep your equipment away from theft, weather exposure and other forms of wear and tear. So instead of leaving your supplies unattended, consider leasing out a storage space that is constantly under tight security. Let the extra storage offer you a physical holding site as well as some headspace; you’ll be able to leave your logistical worries behind and concentrate on business operations.


  1. Catering businesses

If your business is part of the catering industry, you might find yourself with endless pieces of table décor, glassware and other delicate decorations to match an array of occasions. Take, for instance, the table cloths for a baby shower and a wedding anniversary would have to be largely different! So having a space to stock up on various aesthetically pleasing and appropriate supplies would be a priority for you. Additionally, if you’re working in a commercial kitchen or the comforts of your home, it’s best to have a separate space where you can carefully store away fragile equipment not needed at the moment.


  1. Landscape businesses 

Similar to the construction business, as an owner of a landscape company, you’d always be on the go, travelling from one working site to another. Not just that, each project might require you to carry along different tools and equipment. So let temporary storage leasing companies give you a hand: accessible storage spaces are helpful for quick loading and unloading when you’re on the move. Of course, your tools would also be well-kept under tight surveillance, away from both theft and weather exposure.


  1. Event planners

And if you’re dwelling in event planning, be it birthday parties, corporate events or weddings, you’ll need space to accommodate extensive inventory and meet the demands of a variety of events. Be sure to store your props systematically – you wouldn’t want to find a twenty-first birthday backdrop in a corporate event! With an organised storage space, you can locate and even switch between seasonal items easily. This space can also help you to be cost-effective. Instead of throwing away Christmas decorations, keep them well-preserved for next year’s celebration while bringing out suitable inventory for the next festive occasion.



Whether your workspace is small or limited, it’s probably high time to seek out temporary storage options if you’re finding it challenging to navigate your inventory. Here at Nanyang Inc, we’re here to journey with you and your business, offloading the weight of logistics with temporary storage solutions.


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