Understanding The Types of Permit Needed For Outdoor Events

Organisations and businesses looking to hold outdoor events using aluminium engineered structures in Singapore are required to apply and obtain approval from the relevant authorities prior to the setup. From the setting up of outdoor tentages to the sale of alcohol, different permits are required for various kind of activities that are held during the event. In this guide, let us take a look at the common types of permit required for a smooth and successful event to be held.

National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
In Singapore, permissions from the respective venue are very crucial to the initial preparation of any outdoor event. Permits from land owners such as Nparks, SLA, or URA are required for renting venues where an outdoor event is to be held. Without the approval from relevant authorities, it simply means a no-go for outdoor events, and event organiser will have to source for an alternate venue. For example, the Rental of State Property and Land permit and Temporary Occupation Licence is to be obtained from the SLA for outdoor events. Similiarly, permits are also required from the URA if the outdoor events are held in URA-managed venues.

Building & Construction Authority (BCA)
A Permit to Use (PTU) is required for organisations holding outdoors events using tentage that is more than 2-storeys high, erected for use for more than 60 days, area utilised exceeds 2000 sqm, and if the span of the temporary structure exceeds 18 meters. This permit must be obtained from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), and approval must be obtained before commencing the setup of the respective temporary structure.

National Environment Agency (NEA)
A permit is required from the National Environment Agency (NEA) for businesses looking to engage in the handling and sale of food. This is for hygiene purposes as businesses are required to adhere to the safety standards that are set by the NEA in order to ensure that the food sold is cleanly-prepared and safe for consumption.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
When an event management company utilises temporary structures such as large aluminium dome tent in a public open space that is meant for hosting event, there is a permit that event organisers have to apply. They will need a Temporary Change of Use permit that is under the Fire Safety Act. The purpose behind having this permit is to ascertain the fire risks for the temporary structure, ensuring that there are sufficient fire safety measures in times of emergency. In this way, guests that attend the event are not exposed to any potentially dangerous fire hazards.


Singapore Police Force (SPF)
All outdoor events that involve the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are required to get approval for the Liquor Licence; while a Notice of Intention to organise an event is also required if there are more than 5000 people attending a public event, and 10,000 people for a private event. These permits must be approved from the Singapore Police Force, and the purpose behind them is to manage the sale of liquor to the attendees, and also to adhere to the Public Order Act so that there are enough security measures.

Energy Market Authority (EMA)
The Electricity Generation Licence is necessary for businesses that require the use of an electricity generator for outdoor event venues without a power source. This permit is required to operate the generator and also to ensure that organisers adhere to the safety regulations of using an external power source without bringing risks to the public and not affecting the event.

Land Transport Authority (LTA)
From zero trash bin to random security checks, the Singapore Government hold high priority for the safety of commuters and minimizing threats of terrorism at all train stations. A permit is required from the Land Transport Authority if an outdoor event is held in close proximity to an MRT station. This is to ensure the safety of both guests and commuters, as well as preventing obstruction, injury, or damage to both commuters and the train station’s infrastructure.

Public Utilities Board (PUB)
Clean water has been one of Singapore’s previous resources. When an outdoor event requires the use of a public water tap or has a need for wastewater discharge, it is necessary for the event organiser to apply for a permit from the Public Utilities Board (PUB). Hygiene can be maintain even at outdoor event with proper system done for vendors to wash their equipment. These also ensures that the discharging of wastewater is done hygienically into the right sewage without tainting the supply of fresh water. Lastly, this enables the PUB to monitor event’s water usage.