What Are The Types of Lighting We Can Use for Engineered Technology Tents?

One of the most important factors of creating a stunning event is the type of lighting chosen. With the advancement in technology that has allowed tents to have almost every type of lighting possible, many people are looking for bolder and more vibrant options to compliment their ideal event themes. Interested to find out more? Let us explore the myriad of lighting that you can have for the next time you decide to hold an event using engineered technology structure.


Chandelier lighting
Being one of the most stunning and gorgeous lighting options, chandeliers illuminate a room with splendor that other lighting options can barely match. Chandeliers are a must-pick if you’re hosting prestigious events where VIPs and esteemed guests will be attending, including corporate events, grand weddings, and award ceremonies. If your event has a classy, black-tie theme, then having roles of chandeliers will be the perfect lighting choice to add a touch of indisputable elegance to your interior.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a popular choice amongst the younger generation and those who wish to add a magical and dreamy touch to their special day, giving the event an air of mystic fantasy. These small, warm lights are often used at festive events such as Christmas parties, weddings that have a soft theme, and also intimate, private celebrations where only family and friends gather.

Festoon lights

Commonly known as party lights or café lights, Festoon lightings are traditional bulb-shaped lights that usually come tied together in a garland. These lights are often seen in cafes and carnivals, and it evoke a feeling of warmth and nostalgia in today’s modern settings. Festoon lights are perfect for any outdoor events such as vintage-themed weddings, alfresco dining, live performances, or simply as a Christmas decoration!


Spot lights
Having the capability of directing the crowds’ attention to specific highlights of the event, spotlights are the quintessential for exhibitions, award ceremonies and performances. Keeping in mind of the strong beam that these lights cast, the power usage of conventional halogen spotlight may be higher compared to the rest of the LED lightings. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the power usage of the spotlight and ensure that there are sufficient electricity so as to avoid unnecessary power issues.


Pendant lights
To create a more formal and prim impression for your event’s guests, try using pendant lighting to illuminate the structure’s interior. Sometimes known as drop lights, the pendant light usually hangs from a metal chain or cord and has the ability to light up a wider area. It is often used for tent structures that has high ceiling – large-scale corporate events, exhibitions or showrooms – providing a versatile option for various industries and event types.

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RGB stage lights
RGB Stage Lights is a type of lighting most commonly used in stage performances, award ceremonies, and more. This type of lighting is a must as they provide a range of colours that can be programmed and controlled in real-time, to change lighting scenes during a particular performance. RGB Stage Lights is essential to create moods, colour patterns, and different brightness levels during the ceremonies or performances, allowing a more dynamic feel to the event.