2 Reasons To Use Temporary Structures For Pop-Up Events

Tired of bidding and booking permanent venues for your pop-up events?

Temporary structures, such as tentages and marquees, have long been the go-to solution for pop-up events such as conventions, product launches and roadshows. Given the already available facilities and comfort that a permanent venue offers, it can be confusing to realise why event organisers still strongly prefer the usage of temporary structures.

Temporary structures have come a long way, and many innovations have been made to match the comfort, atmosphere and functionality that permanent venues offer.

Read on as we explore why temporary structures have become the premier choice for pop-up events over the more obvious advantages of permanent venues.


Easily Available 

Prebuilt permanent venues such as convention halls are limited to their location and availability. As permanent venues tend to have to be bid for and booked prior to any event, it can be difficult to secure a permanent, prebuilt venue if your pop-up event is time-sensitive.

Temporary structures offer flexibility in terms of set-up location. They can be set up and torn down wherever there is suitable space. This allows event organisers to satisfy date requirements for their events and better ensure that their events go according to schedule. This is especially important for moving roadshows that require event organisers to quickly relocate after concluding a roadshow at specific points of any campaign.

As tentages are far more readily available than available permanent venues, the event organiser is likely to experience a minimal difference in logistical duties. All that has to be done is to ensure ample time allowance for set-up and teardown of the temporary structures.


Customisability and comfort

Many event organisers used to booking a permanent prebuilt venue may shun tent rentals in Singapore, with the outdoor heat and humidity of Singapore being too uncomfortable to attract and retain visitors to their events.

Temporary structures have come a long way from just simple wooden frames with little cooling or lighting options. With many new developments in aluminium technology tents, such as shapes, air-conditioning, lighting and decoration fittings, temporary event structures are quickly closing the comfort gap between themselves and permanent venues.

With many quality-of-life features now becoming the norm in temporary structures, events can be comfortably held in a double storey tent overlooking Marina Bay Sands or a glasshouse at a beautiful park. With events such as property launches and corporate openings held in temporary structures, it can be said that tentage have come a long way in increasing their profile, comfort and desirability as ways to hold pop-up events.



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