Why Temporary Storage Makes Your Long Term Business Solution

If you’re a business owner, the lack of storage space can pose quite a challenge. Between running day-to-day operations and keeping up with market changes (caused by the pandemic or other trends), operating a business could always use that extra storage. Read on to find the top 5 reasons why a temporary structure could be a long term business strategy for you.


  1. Ability to feed your business diversification

Many businesses have had to diversify due to the hit of the pandemic. They needed to experiment with new products and markets to ensure that they stayed financially afloat during these challenging times. However, business diversification also comes with additional requirements or necessities, particularly storage.

Most of the built storage facilities are catered for generic products and hence carry a limit in size. However, if you come from a niche industry, such as horticulture or landscaping, finding storage with 10m height clearance for your trees may not be an easy feat. In such a case, a more extensive temporary warehouse would be a more feasible option.

Aside from adequate storage space, renting a temporary warehouse can also help you satisfy other storage needs. These include specific temperature control, which is especially necessary if you’re handling frozen food, or light control for light-sensitive products that require complete blackout conditions. What’s more, if you are simply looking for a more accessible location, you can request to build a temporary storage space near your office.


  1. More flexible than permanent warehouse structures

A significant benefit of temporary warehouses that make businesses gravitate towards them is their ability to deliver all your storage needs with less commitment. By leasing a temporary warehouse, you avoid any long-term commitments that can hold you back in the future. Once you no longer need the storage space, you can have it easily dismantled or returned to avoid recurring expenses.

Essentially, choosing a temporary warehouse will give you timeline flexibility because you can lease the unit without the obligation to keep it beyond your intended period. If you’re short on time, temporary storage is also your most viable and fast solution – the space can be built as quickly as one week.


  1. Offers you an affordable and reliable solution

Because of the financial challenges that came with the pandemic, many businesses are forced to look for more affordable options for their storage needs. This is another aspect where temporary warehouse structures come into the picture.

Compared to building a new permanent warehouse from scratch, leasing a temporary storage tent tends to be more cost-effective. This is especially the case for businesses that carry larger items (e.g. HVAC or landscaping equipment), but may not prove to be as helpful for companies with smaller consumer products.

These temporary yet sturdy storage structures are reliable solutions to look into. Additionally, they can help you save on several costs usually associated with permanent builds, namely labour, architectural services, site services, foundations, and other added materials.


  1. Helps to secure your supplies

When it comes to your supplies and business assets, safety and security should always be a top priority. Especially with the drastic changes to business operations and demands brought by the pandemic, it’s pretty uncertain for how long you’d be keeping your supplies. In any case, it’s best to keep your supplies safe from weathered elements, such as humidity and moisture.

If you carry less durable goods like large electronics, you should consider a storage space with climate control options to ensure their protection. This is another benefit of temporary storage units – their climate can be controlled to keep your items preserved in their best condition. Security options, such as a remote lock system or CCTV, can also be deployed at these temporary storage spaces. Rest assured that the security at temporary storage units match up to that of built storage facilities.


  1. Stands as a timely solution

Beyond the market changes driven by the pandemic, looking into temporary storage when needed helps you react to your customers’ demands more quickly. While businesses usually have some stock inventory, they generally limit the number of goods on hand to save costs. However, this can eventually disrupt your business’ operations and cause a drop in profits, especially once the demands start climbing and the increasing shipping costs.

Generally, customers would not wait for you to restock your inventory. Hence, it’s always important to have all your goods in place to fulfil your orders as soon as possible. By using temporary storage structures, you can house all your items in one place and easily access them whenever there’s a surge in customer demands.

Moreover, in the case of a company expansion, temporary storage leasing will also allow you to scale up more efficiently. By availing these temporary structures, you can focus on recruiting and training new staff while the temporary storage spaces settle your need for a more larger inventory.



With various benefits to reap, let your temporary storage space offer a permanent boost to your business operations and revenue. Here at Nanyang Inc, with one of the most extensive temporary warehouse solutions in Singapore, our team is ready to assist you in navigating your business through this pandemic. If you are interested to find out more, do feel free to drop us a call at +65 6482 8266 today.