5 Outdoor Tent Safety Requirements You Should Know

Planning a large-scale event that requires tentages might sound like a lot of fun. However, to successfully pull off an outdoor event, taking note of the safety measures needed when using an event tent is essential. Here are a few outdoor tent safety requirements you should keep in mind whether you’re a first-time organiser or if you need a refresher for your next public event.


  1. Wind conditions

The wind is one of the biggest concerns with renting an outdoor event tent. No matter the tent size, strong wind may cause any any steel tent to act like a giant sail. As a result of the wind, stakes could become loose, ratchet assemblies could become loose, or poles could shift, causing the tent’s stability to change.

When it comes to safety, aluminum structures will be the best option as it can withstand a windload of up to 102km/hour. It is also highly recommended to regularly conduct maintenance checks to keep appropriate tension on the tent’s roof and structure. The tent top must be tight without any wrinkles or sagging. Check the weather before the event and make the necessary tent adjustments if strong winds are predicted.


  1. Temporary Building License from BCA

Before building an outdoor event tent, it is required to apply for a temporary building permit in order to construct the tentage. Temporary buildings are any building or structure not more than 2 storeys high that are constructed of short-lived materials, which means this includes tentages. In order to obtain permission to use a temporary building, the owner must engage a professional structural or civil engineer to design, supervise and inspect its erection and submit the application. BCA must receive the application three weeks before construction begins.


  1. Avoid overcrowding

Outdoor events are a surefire way of bringing together a large crowd for celebration or enjoying entertainment. However, the larger the group, the higher the risk of a safety issue. Outdoor event tents have a maximum weight load and occupancy limit. It is important to manage and calculate this aspect to ensure that there is enough space for movement around the tent. The event organiser needs to work with your vendor to allocate the right tent size for a large group of people.

It is also vital to consider evacuation and crowd control plans and designate exits for guests to see and follow easily. It is also important to keep the access to the emergency exits clear and free from heavy or bulky objects and furniture. These measures should be discussed with authorities, volunteers, and employees in detail beforehand.


  1. Ground conditions

When using an outdoor event tent, the ground cannot be too soft (such as sand or muddy ground) as the structure might sink in. It is highly recommended to put wooden planking beneath and spread the surface energy. If the event is constructed on soft ground, every upright support should have counterweights. In this way, the tent frame will not shift due to strong winds or sink unevenly into granular ground.


  1. Protecting electrical outlets

Most event tentages require many electrical items such as fans, air-conditioning and lighting. Additionally, having an excellent single-line drawing calculated by the Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) would help confirm that electrical usage is safe.

It is essential to ensure that all appropriate insulation is protected, and all electrical installations are not damaged and are in proper working conditions, preventing any serious harm or breach of safety involving electrical items.



 For the rental or any outdoor tents – whether it be octagon tents, dome-shape tents, or hexagon tents, to name a few, ensuring the utmost safety for all outdoor events is crucial. It is the responsibility of the event organisers to ensure that their events are completed successfully without compromising the safety of their guests.

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