How To Declutter Your Office Using Temporary Storage

If you’ve ever lived, worked, or even merely passed through a cluttered space, you’ll know how much of a chore it is to move around efficiently. You have to be extra mindful with your steps because you’re always at risk of stepping on or knocking over something important. In addition, a buildup of clutter in any space also has the tendency to reduce wide passages into small and narrow openings that only one person could move through them at a time.

Needless to say, clutter is a huge drain on office efficiency and employee productivity, given how no one would be motivated to give their best in a messy environment. Thankfully, there is a great solution to such a problem, and that is by using a temporary storage unit. But how do you know when to use such a storage unit? How should you use it?

Read on to find both of these questions answered in detail.


When do you need to use temporary storage?

You can determine when it’s time to get some extra storage space by answering a couple of simple questions: Can you walk around the premises freely without the risk of hitting something or bumping into anyone? If you were an outside visitor, would the place look neat and tidy to you? If the answer to these is both ‘No’, then your office may be due for some decluttering.



When dealing with clutter in the office space, the culprit would normally be keeping items that the business doesn’t immediately need. In which case, it is quicker to throw away those that no longer serve a purpose, like empty boxes and other similar materials. However, in most situations, these items are either important or may contain sensitive information. If nothing else, there may be plenty of practical reasons not to get rid of them on the spot. Some of these may include the things like:

  • Bulky furniture
  • Machineries and networking equipments
  • Kitchen appliances, and/or
  • Seasonal items (e.g. props, folding tables & chairs)

For items like these that still have value to the business, putting them away in a better location, like a temporary storage unit, is the ideal way to declutter your office. Temporary storage units are an excellent and cost-effective storage solution that offers greater flexibility, scalability, and quick deployment.

Temporary warehouse solutions in Singapore can be built and be ready for use in a week and sometimes less, can perfectly withstand long-term use, and may be dismantled when no longer in use. What’s more, they are far cheaper than erecting a permanent warehouse from scratch in the office compound, thanks to saving on costs like labour, site services, foundations, architectural services, and other added materials. All these reasons and more explain how temporary storage can be an ideal long term business solution for business owners looking to address their evolving storage needs.


How do you use temporary storage?

While the process of moving items into a temporary storage unit may seem relatively straightforward, there are a few steps to take to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly and in an organised manner. The first order of business is to take inventory by listing down electronics, equipment, and every other item that isn’t essential for everyday operations, such as copier machine.

Afterwards, declutter with the team and discuss sorting the items they use into categories like those they use most often, those they may use in the future, and the rest that they don’t think will be used anymore. Furthermore, try to reach a compromise about any personal items they may have brought into the workplace and request that they return them all, save for the items they need or are relatively unobtrusive, like desk decorations. Lastly, don’t forget to establish a deadline for when they should finish cleaning up to get them moving.

All items that are only used often, may still serve a purpose down the line, or those that the business cannot bear to part with are the prime candidates to be stored in temporary storage. Everything else should be discarded or sold if they still have some worth.




Though deciding which items to keep and which ones to throw away may get stressful and uncertain, keep in mind that it is all to make a cleaner, tidier, and overall more relaxing workplace to work in.

Luckily, Nanyang Inc offers temporary storage leasing for any business that might need it, ensuring items that would otherwise be thrown away can be kept for future use instead, perfect for those things that still have some value left in them. Contact us at +65 6482 8266 if you need a temporary storage solution today.