Tent Rentals: 5 Questions To Ask Before Sealing The Deal

With adherence to the latest safety measures in Singapore, you might be gearing up to prepare for the next outdoor performance or MICE event as an event organiser. Whether it’s your first time hosting an event or you just need an additional eye for the process, here’s a quick guide to help weigh your tentage options, as you navigate your programme around the COVID-19 safety measures.


1. What is the size of my guest list?

The number of guests is an essential factor in determining your tent selection. Because the style of the tent is primarily related to its capacity, you need to know in advance approximately how many people are going to attend your event. Especially during these times when safe distancing is regarded as highly necessary, it’s best to consider your expected capacity before you go for your desired tent aesthetics.

Aside from giving you an idea of suitable tent models, knowing your guest count is also important in determining the arrangement of tables and chairs in the tent. Often, tentage vendors also provide tables and chairs for rentals. Let them know your ideal number of tables and chairs, along with your proposed layout so that you fulfil the required safe distancing measures. If you have guests who need special accommodations, such as a wheelchair ramp, it’s also good to check whether your vendor can cater to them.


2. Is my tent aligned with the focus of the event?

The size of your rental tent should be aligned with the nature or focus of your event. If you’re planning an intimate wedding or exclusive private event, it’s best to consider a smaller tent that’ll allow your guests to mingle. Perhaps opt for a Mongolia marquee tent or hexagon structures – these choices are often simple yet elegant.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to host a large-scale performance, exhibition or event with a guest speaker, a bigger ‘A’ or Dome frame tent without interior poles might be your better option. Tents of these type usually hold a greater capacity while offering spectators better access to the performance or key highlights.


3. How do I picture the environment of my event?

Before choosing your rental tent, be sure to consider the environment on your event day. Bear in mind that temperatures in an enclosed tent can be warmer than the external temperature. As such, if you’ve got your eyes set on an enclosed tent, be sure also to factor in cooling systems, such as air conditions or installed fans. Also, the type of temporary tent structures deployed and positioning of the cooling system may affect the efficiency in achieving optimal temperature control results. So, it’s best to seek your vendor for advice on this.

Apart from your temperature needs, it’s recommended to share with your vendor your electrical needs, such as any audio equipment or special lighting for your engineered technology tent. You wouldn’t want the performances or activities to be cut short with a power outage or other technical issues, but to have adequate power for your guests to soak into the entire event. Finally, to liven up the surroundings, why not look into landscaping? It’s also an excellent way to offer more fresh air – especially for an enclosed tent!


4. Have I walked the grounds of my event site?

The grounds where you’ll position your tent is another crucial factor in choosing tent-related services. Different tents are suitable for different grounds, such as concrete, grass, synthetic turf, etc. Knowing the location where your event will take place will help you determine whether you should include flooring or the method of securing the tent on the ground.

Additionally, the size and shape of your tent should fit in the event space and fulfil the requirements of your venue owner. For example, if the owner requires you to leave a 3m perimeter off the permanent buildings or structures for safety reasons, bear this in mind when choosing a tent with a size and shape that can comply. To be sure, ask for a floorplan to plot in the necessary areas.


5. Is my vendor from a qualified and professional company?

As the structure that sets the stage for your outdoor event, getting a quality tent from a reliable tentage company is important. Organising an event can be heavy on the pocket, so you’d want to make sure that everything about your event is how you envision it – both the interior and exterior!

Before engaging the services of a tentage rental company, spend some time researching about them. Find out if they have enough years of experience and what kinds of events and clients they have previously served. Sometimes, the venue owner might also offer you limited set-up and tear-down timings, so it’s vital to check if your vendor is flexible in matching these timings.

To guarantee your event’s compliance with the safety measures, it’s also best to engage a service provider with the SG SafeEvents certification. This certificate, which was launched earlier this year, offers better safe event management for Singapore’s MICE and events industry. Seeking vendors with this certificate gives you the assurance that they keep to hygiene benchmarks and uphold the best practices for safe distancing before, during, and after the events.



To attain both a successful and safe event, use the above tips to help you set the scene for any live performance, networking or community event! Organising an event in this pandemic can be challenging, so let our experienced team at Nanyang Inc ease some of your load with our versatile tents, extensive cooling systems and other aesthetically-functioning event logistics.