Unveiling The Beauty Of Festoon Lights In Outdoor Settings

Festoon lights are versatile, flexible lighting arrays made up of big, beautiful bulbs that carry a distinct retro fairground look and feel to them. Increasingly popular in outdoor events such as festivals and carnivals, festoon lights give out a unique, warm yellow glow that gives the event an ambience of warmth and comfort. Outdoor events are increasing in popularity and taking on distinct looks and styles.

To make the most of your outdoor event experience, here are some ways festoon lights can be used in their own beautiful ways to elevate any outdoor event!


Placement and distribution 

Festoon lights are designed with a dual purpose in mind: to serve as both decorative elements and lighting sources. Their gentle glow adds a touch of warmth and ambience to any outdoor setting. It is important to note that festoon lights may not have the intensity to brightly illuminate large areas, but this is by design. To fully appreciate their enchanting ambience, strategic placement in and around your outdoor space is key. By arranging them thoughtfully, you can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, making the most of their decorative charm and subtle illumination.

The key here is to distribute festoon lights evenly along the cables to soften and warm up the glow they give out. You wouldn’t want your festoon lighting to essentially function the same as one single lamp!

Look for places where they can be hung, such as pathways between tents, above tables or performance stages. Do take note not to hang publicly on trees and lamp-posts unless permission is granted by the authorities. It is crucial to ensure that the festoon lights do not clump together and lose their ambient glow via the over-concentration of lighting. By evenly distributing the rays from festoon bulbs, you can better emphasise the decorative strengths of festoon lighting by maintaining the warm glow consistently throughout your outdoor setting.


Customise your festoon lights

For outdoor settings meant to celebrate certain festivals and events, it’s time to let creativity sets in while styling festoon lighting to better reflect the mood and blend in with the overall aesthetic.

Festoon lighting arrays can be incorporated into decorations such as Christmas trees and wreaths, elevating both the utility and profile of your Christmas decorations and the festoon lighting. This also constitute to a more visible and appealing decoration set up, making them even better centrepieces for your outdoor event than ever before.

By tweaking your festoon lighting and incorporating it into your existing decorations, you also stand a great chance to stand out from other events held around the same period. This is due to the fact that organisers tend not to pay much attention to customising festoon lights and using them creatively; instead, they choose to use festoon lighting as standalone decorative items for their temporary event structures.



Festoon lighting is a versatile and valuable addition to any outdoor setting, especially one that lasts into the night. Very few styles of lighting can come close to the unique, warm ambient glow that festoon bulbs can provide.

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