5 Tips For Preparing Outdoor Events In The Post-COVID Era

The past few years have been tough for everyone. Families and friends cancelled birthday parties, reunions, weddings, and trips, and people stopped going to large events like sports competitions and concerts. Even classes, corporate meetings, and public hearings had to be done on Zoom and other online platforms.

Fortunately, now that cities, public places, and events are finally opening up, people are excited to participate and have fun in public gatherings once again. Even those with health concerns will attend public events if organisers take the necessary precautions.

If you are an organiser preparing to set up a public event soon, this article is especially for you. Here are 5 crucial preparation tips for organising outdoor events in the post-COVID era.


  1. Determine your objectives for the event

Determining the objectives of your event is essential, as it will help you make smart decisions about the location, amenities, and décor needed for the event. This includes estimating how many people will attend, organising the flow of the program, and picturing how the venue should look, among others. If this is your first physical post-COVID event, setting your objectives and planning the basics early on is necessary.


  1. Check the current public ordinances

National and local leaders have responded differently to the health crisis across the world. Nonetheless, what these responses have in common is a great concern for public health and a focus on maintaining the privacy of every citizen. All event organisers should have these two objectives in mind when preparing for an event post-COVID.

When it comes to planning an outdoor event, the organiser is responsible for ensuring that everything about the event follows the national and local guidelines, in this case, the SG SafeEvent Standard. This means that you should stay up-to-date on your country or city’s responses and ordinances regarding COVID-19, and you should let your guests know how your event will follow the prescribed guidelines and inform them about the potential risks of their attendance.


  1. Select a great outdoor venue

Holding the event outdoor is the best way to successfully carry out a post-COVID event without compromising the well-being and safety of your guests. Although outdoor events run the risk of unpleasant weather, they also provide guests with more space and air flow. Being in the open air will make your guests feel safer and more comfortable, especially when there is still the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other viral diseases.

When selecting the venue of your outdoor event, choose one that is spacious enough for seatings, stage, mini booths, or whatever you plan to set up for. If your outdoor event is relatively smaller, you should consider renting an Octagon Tent where your guests can seek shelter when it is either raining or sweltering. Along with this, getting tables and chairs rental is also a necessity.


  1. Serve individually-packed food

Many event organisers usually serve high-fat foods, high-sugar desserts, and alcohol as a special treat for their attendees. However, although this has been the norm during events, it can do your guests a disservice during times when there is still substantial risk of catching viral infection out there.

So, instead of serving unhealthy products, give your guests nutritious foods that can strengthen their immune system and vitality. While you do not necessarily have to forego the sweets and liquors entirely, it is far better for your attendees to have a more balanced menu.


  1. Pay careful attention to hygiene

Bringing large groups of people together can be pretty stressful when people are still grappling with the effects of a global health crisis. During flu season and a pandemic, promoting good hygiene becomes necessary. Hence, when planning an outdoor post-COVID event, paying strict attention to hygiene is vital to enhance your guests’ confidence and ensure their well-being.

Here are some of the essential hygiene measures that should be put in place during your outdoor event:

  • Place hand sanitisers around the venue
  • Wrap food packages individually
  • Using TraceTogether to ensure all participants have their vaccines completed
  • Serve the attendees individually rather than setting up a self-service buffet lines
  • Providing mask holder so that used masks are stored properly during food consumption
  • Use a seating chart and encourage them to stick within their circles



The coming of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way events, both indoor and outdoor, are planned and held. Although every guest is responsible for their health, it is up to the event organisers to be strategic to make sure their outdoor events will be a success without compromising the safety and health of their attendees, especially during a post-pandemic era.

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