6 Considerations To Bask In Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Scrolling through one ballroom to another but have yet to find the perfect venue for your dream wedding? Why not think outdoors: imagine conducting your wedding in an intimate tented setting, one that is framed lovely by nature.

If you like the sound of that, it’s time to start planning your gorgeous outdoor wedding reception! To get you started, use this checklist to let your tent elevate your celebration and complete that perfect day you’ve been dreaming of.

Check the regulations of your outdoor venue

Although your big celebration will take place in a beautiful tent, you would first need a venue to set up the structure of your wedding reception. With that in mind, consider these questions when speaking to your outdoor venue owner: where can you position the wedding tent? Is it possible to stake the tent directly into the ground, and how early can the set-up take place?

In fact, plans to organise a conventional wedding has to run by the venue owner. Perhaps you’ve been considering a traditional wedding that typically hosts a larger crowd – it’s crucial to know if your venue organiser is agreeable before you make the call for a spacious tent and bigger celebration.

Also, don’t forget to bear in mind the updated COVID-19 restrictions for weddings, as the maximum capacity has recently decreased to 50 people, or up to 100 attendees (with mandatory pre-event testing). These guidelines can be coupled with other requests by the venue owners. Playing on the safe side, the owner might have additional safety measures he wishes to uphold – such as not allowing open fires in parks.

Plan the route to your tented reception

Upon getting the green light from the venue owner, be sure to look at the potential reception spots offered to you. Consider the accessibility: are there private residences nearby or is the space located within a secluded garden?

If your event seems to lean more on the inaccessible end, you can put up signages with LED candles and warm fairy lights. Perhaps even send them a suggested route – your guests are sure to find your tent and let your party begin with minimised delays. Also, as much as you wish for the wedding tent to be seen and heard, be sure to keep your neighbours in mind and set a comfortable audio level.

Get your tent aesthetics right      

Of course, the tent is merely a structure without the right wedding aesthetics to elevate it. That’s why when you’re choosing a set-up location within your venue, pick a spot that allows your beautiful reception to stand out from any nearby objects or buildings.

Even the model of your tent needs to be considered. A more intimate wedding that plans to maximise the interactions with guests, calls for a different tent model from a traditional wedding that requires more extensive safe distancing measures. The theme of the wedding is also a deciding factor. If you’re going for a theme with an air of elegance, consider a grand and spacious octagon tent. On the other hand, request for a fairy light tunnel structure to accentuate your chosen magical theme.

Consider the humid and rainy weather

One essential tip you’ll need when hosting an outdoor wedding is to adapt it to the weather. Always prepare a wet weather plan if it starts to pour – don’t let the rain keep you from going big on the celebration! With the current rainy season in Singapore, it’s best to be prepared. Consider attaching transparent rain curtains or glass wall panels at the sides of the tent. The only thing that you’ll be showered by are blessings from your guests.

Another sticky situation you might encounter is managing the humid weather at an outdoor wedding. Here’s a tip to keep the heat out: install a couple of air coolers or air-condition the whole tent. When you’re moving from table to table to greet your guests, you wouldn’t want to be drenched in sweat.

A common worry that couples have is that space needs to be set aside for standing air-conditioners. But why not let the air-conditioners offer you dual use? Dress them up so they are part of your cooling measures and double up as creative wedding decorations.

Pay attention to your reception flooring

It might be lovely to walk on grass on an ordinary day, but for your wedding, it’s probably not a good idea to let your guests walk on grass with their precious high-heels shoes. Instead, look out for the option to cover the ground in your tented event. Looking to recreate the ballroom flooring outdoors? Consider going for a wooden decking with a nicely fitted carpet to cover the top.

Besides letting your guests move around with ease, remember to let them enjoy the celebration comfortably, at their respective tables. So why not request for a raised stage for everyone to see you from their socially distanced seats!

Reserve your ideal tent early

And once you’ve decided on your tent model and location, it’s time to secure your tent and venue! Stay ahead of your booking requirements – certain tentage rental companies request a deposit before they can reserve the logistics required for your outdoor tent or marquee.

With unforeseen delays that might happen during site recce, decoration planning or dry run, your wedding planning might need to be pushed back involuntarily. A good rule of thumb is to confirm the booking at least six months ahead of your wedding date. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need time to set up and decorate the tent according to your theme.


Putting together an outdoor marquee wedding can be tricky, so use the above tips to create the ideal outdoor wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re on the hunt for a simple marquee or a majestic tent, check out the array of options here at Nanyang Inc. With over fifty years in logistical rental services, be assured that Nanyang Inc offers you versatile temporary tent buildings while making sure your safety is not compromised.