Dining Under The Stars: How To Elevate F&B Events With Tents

With the many bazaars and food & beverage-themed conventions taking place in Singapore, it can be challenging to make your own event stand out. With the saturating amount of quality and delicious foods that Singapore is known for, it could be beneficial to consider different methods of ensuring your next event stands out.

If you happen to be an event organiser looking to spice up your event and elevate it above the competition, consider using tents for your F&B event! Paired with the right props, tentages can help raise your event’s image and enjoyment value immensely.

Read on to discover how you can elevate your next F&B event using tents.


Protect your guests from unpredictable weather

If you decide to hold an outdoor event, this will leave your guests at the mercy of Singapore’s unpredictable weather patterns. Be it an especially scorching hot day or a sudden thunderstorm, tentages can provide event goers with a place to sit out any undesirable weather that may cause them to head home otherwise! From a breezy and well-ventilated café to a cool ice bar – the right level of temperature control can create every type of F&B event you have in mind. Providing shelter and amenities makes the tables and chairs rental worth its value!


Don’t sacrifice the view

For transparent tents, you can create a comfortable, sheltered area with seating inside, allowing guests to savour their food and beverages, socialise, or take a break before diving back into the festivities. These transparent tents also provide a picturesque view of the surrounding environment, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying protected from the elements.

Additionally, tents with an open rooftop access are an excellent choice for events targeting the younger generation. These open-roofed sections provide a trendy and inviting space for guests to unwind, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy live entertainment. It’s the perfect spot to capture the energy of the event while offering a unique perspective, making it a must-have feature for any modern gathering.


Take advantage of versatility & customisation

With the many available types of tent rentals in Singapore, you can choose exactly how you want your event to look and feel. Be it to accommodate stalls using half-dome tents or to house guests in a comfortable yet classy dodecagon, complete with festoon or fairy lights and air conditioning.

For instance, you could utilise festoon lighting and fairy lights to create a magical ambience, setting the perfect mood for your event. Air conditioning ensures your guests remain comfortable even on the hottest of days.

By incorporating the right props and designs, you can transform tents into a canvas for decorating and aligning with your brand’s aesthetic. This enables your event to exude cohesiveness and organisation, with each food stall intricately decorated to match the theme.


Include entertainment & activities 

At an F&B event, even the hungriest guests can only eat so much! As much as food and drink can make an event, complete the whole package with the inclusion of entertainment and activities such as music performances, photo booths, or even an indoor playground to make it extra family-friendly!

Tentages can accommodate audio-visual equipment, adding an extra layer of engagement for your guests. For example, you could set up hyper-realistic projections for an entertaining dinner show – like the world-famous “Le Petit Chef” – while your guests await their food to be served for a unique dining experience. This creates an unforgettable memory for attendees, setting your event apart from others in Singapore’s F&B scene.



With the many options temporary event structures provide to improve your F&B event, you might wonder which vendors to engage for the best value for money and keep costs reasonable. After all, ensuring your event stands out does come at a cost in Singapore, with rising operational costs and stiff competition all crammed on one small island!

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