Tips For Choosing The Right Tent Size For Your Sports Event

Planning an outdoor sports event, whether it’s a triathlon, extreme sports or golf tournament, requires meticulous planning. One of the critical elements of an outdoor sports event is choosing the right tent to ensure the comfort and convenience of participants and spectators alike. With various factors at play, selecting the ideal tent size can seem like a daunting task.

Here are some valuable tips to guide you in making the right choice.


1. Evaluate your expected attendance

The first step in determining the appropriate tent size for your sports event is to assess the number of participants, spectators, and activities that you expect to have. Ensuring ample space for everyone is crucial to guaranteeing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. For example, consider the number of runners, support staff, bag deposit and miscellaneous storage for marathons. As a general guideline, allocate approximately 6 square feet per person for standing space and 9 to 12 square feet per person for sitting space. For instance, if you anticipate 100 spectators for a sports game, consider a tent with a minimum size of 1,000-1,200 square feet.

Moreover, factor in additional space requirements based on your event’s layout. If there will be food stalls, live performance, or any other storage required, make sure to account for their setups. For seated events, remember to include space for tables, chairs, and decorative elements.


2. Location matters

There is a lot to know when it comes to great locations for tent setups. The location of your sports event plays a significant role in determining the appropriate tent size. If your event is taking place in a sprawling open area or a large land, you will likely have more flexibility in selecting the tent size. However, if you’re dealing with a smaller or confined space, choosing a tent that fits within the available footprint is essential. For example, for golf tournaments, the layout may need to accommodate multiple holes and fairways.

Consider the terrain and weather conditions of your event location. If it’s on uneven ground or a hilly area, a tent with a flexible frame may be necessary to adapt to the terrain. For events during the rainy season or in locations with unpredictable weather, tents with sidewalls or weather-resistant canopies are advisable.


3. Match the tent style to your event 

Tents come in a variety of styles, each with its own set of functionality and aesthetics. Consider the nature of your sports event and the atmosphere you want to create. For a Rugby Sevens tournament, for example, an open-sided tent may provide a wonderful view of the game while also offering shade from the heat or rain. Some popular tent styles include octagon tents, transparent glasshouses, and multi-sided marquees.

Double storey glasshouse, for instance, offer an elegant and grand look suitable for larger events like F1 racer suites. Ensure that the chosen tent style aligns with your event’s theme and ambience to enhance the overall experience.


4. Stay within your budget

Selecting the right tent size also involves managing your budget effectively. To ensure you stay within your financial constraints, be prepared to make compromises if necessary. You might need to adjust the tent size, style, or accessories to align with your budgetary limits. For example, consider allocating more budget to specialised tent features like counterweights for wind-resistant events like Extreme Sailing or Sail GP events.

Explore cost-saving options such as selecting a simpler tent design, considering a DIY setup, or scheduling your rental during the off-season when prices may be more favourable.


5. Work with a professional tent rental company 

Collaborating with a reputable company offering tent rentals in Singapore is paramount in choosing the correct tent size for your sports event. Experienced professionals have worked with various event venues and can offer expert guidance. They can recommend specific tent sizes and styles based on the type of event you’re hosting. Whether it’s a marathon, triathlon, golf tournament, Rugby Sevens match, F1 race, or Extreme Sailing, they have the expertise to ensure your tent selection is on point.



Selecting the right tent size for your sports event is crucial to creating a comfortable and memorable experience for participants and spectators. By considering factors such as attendance, location, tent style, budget, and working with a professional rental company, you can confidently choose the perfect tent size for your event.

Remember to factor in additional space for entertainment, seating, and décor, and consider your event location’s weather conditions and terrain. With these essential tips, you can confidently select the right tent size to ensure a successful sports event cherished by all who attend.

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